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Movie Review: Golmaal Again (Golmaal 4)

All the 5 friends are shown as children living in an orphanage.
Gopal has rivalry with Madhav and they get regularly punished due to their constant fights. They form two gangs and leave the orphanage and get grown up. One fine day they hear the news that the Orphanage owner has passed away they go to the orphanage to pay their last respects and find that something is fishy. There they meet Anna who can see ghosts who confirms their doubts how these 6 and a ghost try and set things right is the movie.
What’s Good 
The movie has a huge starcast of tremendously talented actors of which only 3 people are worth mentioning and have worthy performances to boast of
Johnny Lever
Sanjay Mishra
Shreyas Talpade
These 3 have acting roles and dialogues that will have you in splits for very few seconds a couple of times in the movie which make this  3 hour long movie tolerable.
The cinematography of beautiful coorg and Udagamandalam is shot very beautifully,
The sets are lavish, rich and beautiful with high production values.
What’s Bad 
Inspite of having a humongous and very talented starcast director Rohit Shetty fails to capitalize on their actions G talents or their comedy timings. The goof upside the errors the dialogues are all funny but so repeating that we have been put to see these same things since Golmaal 1 2 and 3  and it’s not funny anymore. It’s all clichéd and repetitive. All the actors are just whirling away their time on the sets with nothing specail to do.
The plot introduces a ghost in the 4th part of the franchise but that angle too feels like a very old and redundant formula which has an unbelievable Wafer thin plot. Superb talent has been wasted hiring such talented actors that too so may was a waste of the producers money too.
I know that fans of the franchise  will flock theaters and might even like the film as it’s definitely not bad but it’s too old clichéd and boring the 4th time now and the laughs are far and few.
My Golmaal Movie Ranking
1)Golmaal 3 was the best in the series laughter unlimited.
2)Golmaal 1 was definitely funny and hilarious.
3)Golmaal 2 was a slight dip in laughter but yet funny.
4)Golmaal 4 is fourth in the list and it’s the pits.
My Verdict 
A movie with a solid repute and high expectations which disappoints at the same level, Total waste of brilliant actors.
My Rating 2 of 5 stars
Firdaus Pavri

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