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Movie review- Dr. Prakash Baba Amte

Dr Prakash Baba Amte – This movie is as u must have guessed from the title is a Biography on the well known social Baba Amte’s son. A son who carried forward his fathers legacy and along with his wife achieved even greater heights in social work done for the down trodden and completely ignored adivasis of state of Maharashtra.
This man and his wife have been honored with a room full of trophies and awards by the Indian and many foreign Governments Namely the Magasesey award, Schweitzer couple award and the padma shri. to name a few of them. Unlike other biographical movies which are usually slow and boring this has a very superb written screenplay which keeps you interested throughout the movie. It shows how Dr Amte on his father’s advice leaves his comfortable life and practice as a surgeon to absolutely donate his life away to provide basic medical amenities in backward regions of Maharashtra how his wife also a doctor cooperates with him and bears all difficulties with a smile how they setup their first clinic hut from ground zero in the jungle to how they get their first patient with difficulty as adivasis believe in witch doctors. How he creates his own personal zoo arc for wild animals and his extreme love for them. This man is an┬á absolute hero and his story needs to be known to every Indian.
Starring Nana Patekar in the character role of Dr Amte. The actor proves his versatility in role playing to perfection this movie has no loud dialogues for what he is famous for but he plays a subtle simple role with ease delivering a stellar performance
Sonali Kulkarni as Mrs Amte does a  fine job of emoting the emotional scenes.
Veteran actor Mohan Agashe as Baba Amte is truly inspiring.
This movie released last friday and is already in its 2nd week┬á but by the crowd which came to see this movie yesterday night It seemed this movie is a superhit even now its Tax free by the government so tickets are cheap too. If u are located in Maharashtra this movie must be running don’t forget to catch it if you are not buy a dvd download it but watch its a selfless story about a great man And its your personal loss if u miss this movie.
5star rating from absolutely no flaws in any department.

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