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Movie Review : Deadpool 2

After successfully working as the mercenary Deadpool for two years, Wade Wilson fails to kill one of his targets on his anniversary with girlfriend Vanessa. That night, after the pair decide to start a family together, the target tracks Wilson down and kills Vanessa. Wilson kills the man in revenge, but blames himself for her death, and attempts to commit suicide six weeks later by blowing himself up. Wilson has a vision of Vanessa in the afterlife, but the pieces of his body remain alive and are put back together by Collosus and how he finds a mission in life so as to keep living.
What’s Good
This film maybe a Superhero Action flick but over and above that it’s a hilarious comedy drama with over the top funny dialogues which will have you in splits, the retorts the slapstick the sarcasm is just too good,Lead actor Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds actually is the lead star and rocks the movie with his performance  comedy dialogues and his pitiable behaviour.
Actress Morena Baccarini who is pushing 40 years of age is unbelievably hot and oozes sensuality in her small role,  Antagonist Cable played by Josh Brolin is superbly done and is second feather in his cap as he plays his second awesome performance after being well praised as Thanos in the Avengers, The special effects and vfx are decent with no minus points, Apart from the comedy  all the dialogues of the movie are hard hitting and very well written.
What’s Bad
Movie could have  been shorter and the editing of some scenes was bad making them feel stretched beyond need.
My Verdict
A comedy action Superhero flick with very touchy and hilarious dialogues and definetly a sequel better than the original.
My Rating 4 of 5 stars
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