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Movie Review – Daddy 

Plot –
The story revolves around Gangster turned politician Arun Gawli.
The first half dedicates itself of what happened in his youth till the time he became part of the BRA criminal  Gang and the second half displays his role as a criminal a leader and his transition to politics and his run in with the law  criminal conviction and life sentence which he currently serves.
What’s Good –
The restrained silent and mostly shy behaviour of Gangster Arun Gawli is portrayed perfectly in his best yet acting performances by Actor and producer of the film Arjun Rampal.
Actor Anand Ingle plays the part of Gangster  Babu Reshim superbly.
The rest of the cast is satisfactory in their performances.
It shows the good side of the man and shows his human values over his criminal activities and his secular thinking too.
What’s Bad –
Director Ashim Ahluwalia loses the plot in many places with an overtly lengthy movie which is extremely slow paced.
The climax scene tries to garner sympathy and tries to show the Gangster in good light with portraying that injustice was done to him due to the life imprisonment sentence,
A Gangster is a Gangster a criminal a murderer cannot be let go of just because he became a politician and a good leader.
My Verdict –
It’s a one time watchable flick to learn about the life and times of Mumbai during the period of 80s and 90s Gangster era and the life of Arun Gawli.
My Rating 2.5 of 5 stars.

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