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Movie Review – Cars 3

The legendary racing red car from the car series Lightning McQueen is still a fan favourite and a popular winner at the racing circuit when one fine day in a race he is easily overcome  by mysterious black race car who easily beats him in the race the new race car called Jon Storm is a new age race car who uses the latest technologies and beats all other veteran race cars when after a few races there are more and more new age race cars lightning McQueen and all his other friends the older race cars keep loosing race after race and one by one they all retire. Lightning McQueen decides to give it his all in a race one day where he is the only race car of his age surrounded fully by the new age race cars like Storm while pushing himself over limit McQueen busts his rear tyre involving in a skid and a bad rollover injuring himself badly. While recovering in his hometown at Radiator Springs what will our hero do? Will he retire like all his other friends and give way to these bunch of fresh new age race cars or will he have the guts to make comeback and fight and win.
What’s Good
The cars series now in its third installment has always been a funny and exciting franchise of movies and the 3rd one continues to be so,
Lightning McQueen with a new look and new paint job looks Fab,
The animation and the dialogues are both spot on and the voice over star cast is great as usual Wilson, Alonso and Cable Guy  are just superb.
What’s Bad
Nothing at all.
The Cars 3 movie is an exciting funny delight to see for elders and kids alike.
My Rating 4 of 5 stars.

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