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Movie Review ; Blackmail

Plot –
The film depicts life of a middle-aged married-man stuck in a full day-time job and unexciting life but things turn after he finds that his wife is having an extramarital affair and he starts blackmailing her lover and things start rolling from there on.
What’s Good –
The film has a very fresh concept unlike what we have ever seen before which also depicts the scenario of today’s money minded lifestyle which has no connection with human feelings of love and affection and feeling betrayed, on the contrary its all about materialistic things like money and feelings of ego and revenge, which is sadly true for today’s era of human society,Actors like Divya Dutt, Gajraj Rao and Pradhuman Singh act like veterans and give in solid acting performances and give life to the characters and the whole movie.
What’s Bad –
The movie has a terribly slow pace and drags like anything, The movie fails to garner interest or inquisitiveness from the audience and is majorly a slog putting aside a few scenes, Veteran and highly acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan though decent is not good or great at all in this one and is just floating in the movie from start to finish in a dazed blank expression.
My Verdict –
Blackmail is a movie with a few hits and lots of misses, A movie where the main actors fail and the side actors shine.
My Rating –
barely a  2 of 5 Stars
Firdaus Pavri 6/4/2018

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