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Movie Review; Beauty and the Beast 

Belle is a young girl who lives with her father in a small French  village of Villeuneve. Her whole village feels she is beautiful but odd. She too hates her old fashioned village life and wants more from life.
The village soldier Gaston is a strong handsome young man who is so vain and proud of his looks that he cares for none else except for himself, and he loves Belle. But Belle won’t even look at him.
Belle’s father goes out on an errand out of town and while returning home gets lost in the forest and gets chased by wolves he lands up in a desolate castle. He is taken care of very well, until he tries to pick a rose from the castle garden. The Beast of the Castle locks him up in the dungeon for being a thief.
Belle comes looking for her and she meets the beast. They make a deal, that if he lets her father go free  she would take his place in the castle. And Belle comes to stay with the Beast. Rest is history.
What’s Good
Director Bill Condon makes a splendid remake of the 1991 Walt Disney Animated Classic.

It’s so nostalgic with the grand sets, the fine clothing, the beautiful old classic songs with a couple of new ones added ones makes one historical animated movie come to life on the real world screen. The songs of the movie are heart warming.

 Emma Watson as Beauty is splendid to watch she has matured into a fine actress far better from her Harry Potter days,
Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts as the teapot Kettle is lovely in her performance,
Luke Evans as Captain Gaston who is a Narcissist soldier in the war is fantastic in the villainous role and is fantastic to watch in his vain antics.
What’s Bad
A true beauty of a movie watch it for the Nostalgia it offers.
My Rating 4.5 of 5 stars

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