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Movie Review-  Bank Chor 

3 dumb blundering cartoonish characters enter a bank to rob it. Wearing a disguise of an elephant a horse and a sadhu baba.
The police and media reporters  surround the bank. Bit Surprisingly the CBI is sent to the crime scene why how and what is the twist is for you to see.
What’s Good 
The acting performances by Ritiesh Deshmukh and his 2 accomplices in the bank robbery is par excellence and they really are able to make their stupid antics look funny. Actor Vivek Oberoi has been dressed up and made to look so macho and tough so good that he has never looked such a stud before in his career ever.
What’s Bad 
literally almost everything with the main culprit being the extremely confused script which is so sad so demented and so dark it just has too many twists and too much stupidity for anybody to understand this movie. It starts of as a goofing up fun comedy which takes a twist into a heist robbery, which again twists to become a suspense thriller with dark shades and again going into comedy mode. This movie just makes you sick in the end.
A confused movie that will make you sick and bored in the end.
Rating 1 of 5 stars

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