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Movie Review ; Baaghi 2

Plot –
A battle-hardened army officer squares off against drug lords and Russian henchmen to save his ex-lover’s kidnapped daughter in the underbelly of Goa.
What’s Good –
The fight scenes though a way bit too over the top are very well made and will garner lots of love likes and whistles from the single screens Indian tapori crowds,
Tiger Shroff has become matured from his chocolate boy looks into a full fledged action star in this movie,
Actress Disha Patani is a  gorgeous and  ravishing woman her beauty will melt your heart and in her limited scope in this male centric movie she still captures the screen presence from the lead actor whenever she is in the frame,
Actors Randeep Hooda, Prateik Babbar and Manoj Bajpayee  give in superlative performances.
What’s Bad –
The direction of the movie is very bad the screenplay is not pieced properly at all the scenes bore you and the storyline drags badly in the first half, There is too much screen time given to the poor mystery solving and love story  rather than the action scenes, The movie is pieced together very badly and the audience is totally made to feel like a fool as the plot has too many loopholes and makes barely any sense.
My Verdict –
Baaghi 2 is a bollywood style action movie which tries to do a John Rambo but manages to do so only halfway.
My Rating – 2.5 of 5 stars Firdaus Pavri


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