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Article 15

Movie Review; Article 15

The movie is inspired from the frightful incident which happened with two minor girls on May 2014  in the Badaun area District Katra, Uttar Pradesh. Article 15 portrays the harsh reality of caste prejudice and injustice. In a country where caste or race discrimination is everywhere and accepted, police officers investigate a heinous crime with pre-judged conclusion, that it is pointless trying to give justice or to fight upper caste atrocities.
What’s Good
The casting is simply perfect and everyone gives in a stellar performance.
The theme of the movie depicts the true story of racial, gender and caste-based discrimination in our country and also how corruption and politics influence the police in taking action against the people higher up in strata of society.
There are no songs but the background score is brilliant.
What’s Bad
The second half of the movie is slow paced emotional drama which seriously drags and makes the movie appear overly long.
My Verdict
Article 15 is a hard-hitting and heart-wrenching movie which makes it a must watch for all Indians.
My Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars.

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