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Movie Review –  Anarkali of Aarah  

Genre – Social Drama
Plot- Anarkali (Swara Bhaskar) has taken over the role that her dancer-mother had all along performed: that of an erotic dancer in the small hamlet of Arrah in Bihar. In shockingly tragic circumstances, her mother was shot dead during a performance by an inebriated neta, who cared to flaunt his rifle as she pirouetted on stage. Anarkali has inherited all her mother’s talent for dance and music, which she clearly hones every day as her choir of musicians gathers at her place for rehearsals. She makes full use of her sexuality to woo men and has the entire Arrah eating out of her hand. Her world is a fun ride with no fear whatsoever of her ever grappling with the law; she is a stern, hard-headed fluff few would dare to antagonise. She is supported by Rangeela (Pankaj Tripathy), who besides acting as her manager, carries a torch for her. But make no mistake, neither Anarkali nor Rangeela are in this profession because they have been forced to: it’s out of her own free will that she turned to singing those loud spicy lewd songs. Rangeela too, is more of an unscrupulous Man Friday, but thanks to his secret admiration for this star performer of their troupe, he too, like everybody else, is confident of her success, and would never leave her.
Things turn ugly as a crooked, dishonest politician (Sanjay Mishra) by way of right to his power and position, stakes a claim to Anarkali’s body. And That too, publicly, while she was performing live on stage. Even when she staves him off rather forcibly, he would have none of her refusal to oblige him. In fact, that infuriates him so much that he looks all the more determined.
What’s Good – Music plays an integral part of the film with lilting songs and bawdy lyrics catching your attention. Not your typical arrangement, the orchestration too, is made to be a trifle jarring in tune with the theme of the film.
Swara Bhaskar’s role is the gritty soul of this movie the talented actress finally lands up with a role that she could sink her teeth into. Right from her gait to the way she reacts and flashes out the personality of her Nachaniya girl character with the necessary coarseness, she is thoroughly impressive.
Swara Bhaskar’s bold, colourful and perfectly nuanced performance brings oodles of respect to Anarkali Of Aarah. She elevates the level of the film single handedly Her character is that of a happy and witty singing and dancing girl, She’s also a sad girl dealing with the past and then she’s also resolute in her defiance to the man’s world. The stupendous climax is a tight feminist slap on every man who can’t respect a woman’s integrity.
Sanjay Mishra the powerful vice chancellor of the University who is politically connected man who molests anarkali publicly and gets her into bad trouble when she refuses plays his role very well,
Debutante Director is a very talented man he knows the script and its limitations and the performance ability of his actors,
Considering the risky subject he chose to make a film upon the film could have gone awfully wrong if the execution had faltered  or tilted towards sleaze over substance. Looking forward to more such beautiful films from this film maker.
What’s Bad – It potrays how men who are enamored by Anarkali and her songs have no spine and do not stand by her when she is in need, The police departments lack of empathy and full support to the rich man is simply pathetic.
Verdict – Our Patriarchal society has a way of holding women responsible for the atrocities they face. This movie questions that very mindset and offers a refreshing take on women and their sexuality and shows how mad a woman can get when really irked.

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