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Movie review; Alone

Producer Kumar Mangat
Director Bhushan Patel
Cast: Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover

The Movie begins with a fraidy cat Sanjana (Bipasha Basu) who is playing wife to Karan  (Karansingh Grover) a businessman. She feels neglected by her busy husband and tells him that at night where he almost misses attending her birthday party. Among the party guests there is friend who is a tarot card reader who gives Sanjana a reading that someone she has lost in the past shall come back to her.

From the couple’s conversation it seems that Sanjana has a past which she fears and is guilty of. In some way she fears going back to her native place in Kerala. Soon Sanjana’s mother is attacked in the house by an unknown entity. So they are called to Kottayam, Kerala where they find that Sanjana’s mother is serious and paralyzed.


Here in the Kerala house a series of scary events constantly keep happening where Sanjana feels the presence of her dead sister Anjana  haunting her. Then a series of ghostly events psychiatric treatment for sanjana and lots of revelations unfold in this movie to a disappointing climax.

The director Bhushan Patel feels the audience is childish though the movie is strictly adults the script and screen play is full of loophples and the movie very predictable but in the end proves everybody wrong with a twist in the climax though in very poor taste and contradicts the whole story of the movie.

Karan Singh Grover he has good personality and a physique but gives a very wooden look on his face throughout the movie.

Bipasha Basu in the double role as protagonist and antagonist does very well both ways. The movie has some steamy scenes quite a few lip locks with superb chemistry from both actors only during the sexual scenes. Rest of the movie they both feel disconnected.

The movie is a horror -sex story and love as a theme but ends up doing nothing properly  and not  worth watching at all as a horror story.

Rating 1.5 stars

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