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Movie Review- Aashqui 2


Love makes life live!

The most epic confusing sentence of the previous decades now has a sequel this year.

Ashqui 2 is here with a nauseatingly sweet love story that would make ants turn diabetic. If you want to watch a movie of two singers who fall in love and then mess up their careers, and eventually their love lives, but eventually get back together through all odds—watch Abhimaan. But if you want a movie that only has decent music and a storyline that seems like it was written by a drunk Himesh Reshammiya after a break up, watch Aashqui 2.

I haven’t seen the original movie Aashqui for numerous reasons like, it looked boring, I didn’t care, the songs were stupid and the fact that when it came out two decades ago and I was only four years old. So the only reason I ended up watching this movie, is because Iron Man 3 screens were packed more than shared auto rickshaws (*sad face).

As I mentioned before, the love story is nauseating. It’s like biting into a piece of creamy chocolate cake marinated in rasgulla syrup, dipped in honey, sprinkled with melted sugar, and with a side serving of puke. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a macho man who needs his heroes to be ripping someone’s limbs for breakfast. But this movie borders on ‘Twilight’ level of repulsiveness.

The story begins with a drunkard rock-star, Rahul. Once during his usual drinking escapades he spots a cute little local talent whose idol is Lata Mangeshkar. Rahul instantly –in a bollywood way—realizes that she is the next best thing. Eventually they both fall in love and then do stupid stuff like standing in rain under a coat that isn’t even rainproof. This story has amazing resemblance to Big B’s Abhimaan, so much so that it could have been a complete rip-off if it wasn’t for the ending of this movie.

For a film whose selling point is romance, there is a surprising dearth of it. The two leads are pathetically out of sync during all the intimate scenes. To be fair, Aditya Roy Kapur does a fair job in handling the role of the confident rock-star, Shraddha Kapoor however is a disappointment—the beautiful shy looking girl is a failure during all the passionate scenes that require her to be involved. Aashqui 2 gets a D minus in Chemistry.

On a comparative basis, the songs of the movie are good. Tum Hi Ho, and Bas tera saath ho are really soulful numbers. The music of this film will not actually inspire you to fall in love, but if you already are in love then you will find them relatable.

BotttomLine—Rather than paying 120 Rs on the ticket to Ashqui 2, get an Abhimaan cd for 69 Rs for the story and buy a China made Radio for 50 bucks to listen to the music, because nowadays it seems that out of the 73 bazillion songs produced in Bollywood these *@$#%^ radio people don’t have any other songs except Ashqui 2.

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