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Movie Review ; A Quiet Place

Plot –
In the year 2020 earth has been invaded by aliens and most of humankind has been killed,These Alien Predators are blind but have an acute sense of hearing and they hunt and kill by sound,So a surviving family is quietly living in their house without making a sound and even conversing only through sign language.
What’s Good –
An extremely fresh story by Brian Woods and Scott Beck is a very new take on alien predators vs humans in a very twisted format,All the 4 main characters play their parts superbly well with a special mention for her mothers role to Emily Blunt,The aliens are scary and will send chills down your spine in each scene they appear in,The movie is directed well written well and even edited well so is just the right pace and length.
What’s Bad –
The movie leaving the climax to imagination was my only small grouse.
My Verdict –
A horror movie which dwells perfectly in its premise and works on its strengths and makes it an enjoyable watch too.
My Rating 4.5 of 5 stars

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