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Most delicious touch screen devices

Blackberry Storm vs Apple iPhone vs Nokia 5800

Alright, it’s come down to this. Three of the most delicious touch screen devices go head to head in a battle royal for you to decide the all important question, “Kaunsa phone?”

Round 1:

Looks and Design

All the three phones in this comparo have strikingly different looks, yet are derived from Apple in someway or the other. I mean, you got to hand it over to them to have popularised phones that have divorced their keyboards.

The iPhone has a very clean and minimalistic design, whereas the Storm too is quite the looker. Though it is a tad chunky, I would like to congratulate RIM on a good design. But it’s got quite a lot of bulk thanks to its SurePress touch screen tech. The Nokia 5800 is the least impressive when it comes to looks, but people do get excited on seeing a touch screen Nokia anyway.
Winner – Apple iPhone

Round 2:


Again, Apple completely revolutionised the way you interacted with a phone, by means of its marvelous multi touch screen. This probably left the RIM dudes with a bruised ego, so they to decided to do something revolutionary as well. They developed a half baked clickable display technology which sounds good on paper but is so darn irritating that you’ll want to bang your head against the wall and pull your hair,

simultaneously. The best compromise would be Nokia’s haptic touch but usability wise, iPhone’s touch tech wins hands down.
Winner – Apple iPhone

P.S. When the touch screen kids fight over supremacy, the Curve 8900 is what these devices want to be when they grow up.

Round 3:


Here’s where the playing field gets slightly more leveled. All the three phones have excellent media playback capabilities and 3.5mm jacks. The iPhone has a delicious looking interface for browsing music and it just cannot get any more natural than that. But the Nokia and the B’berry aren’t too far behind either.

I really liked the media player on the Storm and was about to fall in love with it, till the time a bad guy named “clickable display” came along and spoiled the party. But in all fairness, video on the Storm makes even ‘bad movies look good’. Audio output from both the Storm and 5800 are pretty impressive. The icing on the cake is that both of them also support a multitude of audio formats.

It boils down to the camera and the Storm has the best light catcher amongst the three, so that should seal this round.
Winner – Blackberry Storm

Round 4:

Software and Interface

The Storm features the usual Blackberry OS optimised for touch screens, so that should make it the most productive gadget in this comparo. Email is great, the calendar is good and the clickable display is bad. Portrait mode is well nigh impossible to get work done on and even the landscape mode requires a lot of attention to get anything remotely significant accomplished.

The 5800, on the other hand is running a brand new platform and it’ll take some time to judge its true potential. The iPhone with its repository of applications should prove to be a bit more productive than the others.

I am really disappointed at the fact that it’s going to be almost two years since the iPhone released and the biggest names in the cellular business couldn’t do as much as hold a candle to the iPhone’s interface. All the three phones are evenly matched when it comes to hardware but only the iPhone walks away gloriously while the others are still having trouble getting up.
Winner- Apple iPhone

Round 5:


The Storm sputters, gulps, gasps and does everything that a dying Looney Toons cartoon character does. But Looney Toons characters do so only when they have been shot at, while the Storm is up for nautanki all the bloody time. The iPhone on the other hand is smooth as silk when it comes to, well, everything and is infinitely more user friendly. The 5800 too, is surprisingly snappy for a Nokia. Battery life from all the three phones is pretty good and so is call performance.
Winner -Tie between 5800 and iPhone

Round 6:


The Nokia 5800 seems to be the best connected of all the phones in this shoot out. It’s got a pretty long list of wireless connectivity options under its hood while the iPhone and the Storm are crippled in some way or the other. Of course, Apple’s 3.0 update to its OS changes a few things. That still leaves the Storm without Wi-fi, which is so not happening. The bossman went berserk with a brilliant display of his Bombay vocabulary when he heard this.
Winner- Nokia 5800


The Apple iPhone still kicks major ass after almost two years and the recent software update makes it closer to being a complete phone. On the other hand, the Blackberry Storm does nothing good to improve Blackberry’s image. I doubt even the HTC Touch HD could have done anything significant to upset the Apple cart. This leaves us with the Nokia 5800 which is priced ever so sweetly at 19k, which could almost make me declare it the winner if I dial in the value for money factor.
But justice prevails and recession does not, so the Apple iPhone wins this shootout, fair and square.

– Satish S.

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