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Monsters University- a review

Mike and Sully the two monsters who work for Mosters, Inc are back – after 12 years. Remember the monsters who are teleported through doors to the bedrooms of real life children to scare them so that their scream can power up their operations?

Monsters University is actually a prequel to the 2001 film Monsters, Inc. where Billy Crystal (Mike) and John Goodman (Sully)provide their voice-overs. Mike and Sully are rivals in college, learning the trade of scaring and hoping to be accepted into Monsters, Inc.

On the one hand Mike is a bookworm who is ambitious but small, an outcast, and a loner. He wants to win over everything being a sole leader. Sulley on the other hand is a rich monster who doesn’t believe in hard work or study. He’s bigger, more intimidating and is more popular than Mike, and boasts of his Sullivan family name.

After making a bet with Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), they’re thrown together into a Scare Games contest, where they reluctantly band together along with other loners, to complete a series of challenges and to stay enrolled in the college.

I don’t want to compare this to Monsters, Inc – for one we miss Boo the cute little child. Monsters, Inc was all about fun, this takes time to build up. This actually required some back-story and character development which I appreciate. This is what makes Pixar stand out, they are not just animators but they are filmmakers. I liked how the director shows emotions with the teamwork were every other sloppy monster understands the strength the other has, they actually work on the strength other than rectifying the loose ends.

Well the competition ends and I was ready to leave with the positive feeling of having watched a good movie. But then I realized there were actually 20 odd minutes remaining. Pixar’s trademark,the delightful change of course moments, unveils as the story shifts into its darker unexpected final act. To my surprise it was the best part of the movie. And I simply loved it.
The film is about learning to accept fear and the fact that failure can come. We shouldn’t let a dream die but stay fixed to it even if its not what you are good at.

Is Monsters Univeristy better than Monsters, Inc. ? NO.
Is Monsters University a good film? CERTAINLY.

Rating 3.5 stars.

P.S : Save a few bucks and watch it in 2D . The 3D isn’t great!

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