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Modi Film Review

Movie Review–  PM Narendra Modi
Language – Hindi
Genre – Biography
Producer – Legend Global Studio,
Anand Pandit Motion Pictures,
Panorama Studios.
Director- Omung Kumar
Cast –
Vivek Oberoi
Manoj Joshi
Zareena Wahab
Suresh Oberoi (Narrator)
It is said that all good things take time. But after watching this movie I can say for sure, that this movie is not worth the wait at all.
Plot –
The film showcases Modi‘s remarkable courage, wisdom, patience, dedication to his people, his acumen as a political strategist, his leadership that inspired a thousand social changes in Gujarat and later India. It traces his childhood in the 1950s to his meteoric rise in the corridors of politics, as a four-time serving Chief Minister. The film culminates in Modi‘s overcoming all the obstacles to create and lead one of the most fascinating and successful election campaigns in world politics in 2013-14.
What’s Good – Its an inspirational movie about the life of Narendra Modi and what all he has done for his state and country.
Vivek Oberoi’s acting performance is ok.
What’s Bad ?
It glorifies the PM, he is a hands on PM who works hard like a common man with the people, completely honest, always right, hardworking. It just portrays him like a mahatma, a saint, a yugpurush. A flawless person who has done no wrong ever.
My Verdict – A fully sponsored whitewash media ad for the PM which runs 2 hours and 48 mins to glorify Narendra Modi.
My Rating 2 of 5 stars

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