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Mocha Returns

I was passing by Hill Road, Bandra (Mumbai) last evening when I was ambushed by something big, pink and psychedelic. It’s ‘Mochamojo’ – or good old Mocha at Hill Road – back with a bang.

When did it reopen? April 15

Why is it a big deal? Because Mocha Hill Road was a hangout place with a difference. While all Mochas are cool and interesting, the Hill Road one was something else.

Has it changed for the better?

Surprisingly, yes!

Gone is the old, grungy look. Gone are the hookahs Gone are the waiters with fez caps.
Mochamojo is inspired by ’70s pop-art. The theme is ‘bright, shiny and happy’ – which is a great idea, in these slightly depressing times. You enter and immediately your mood is uplifted. Which is not something you can say about a Barista.

So what about the menu?

Well, it is much the same but a little different. The menu card is now designed like a vinyl record (complete with the hole). Inside are most of the old favourites – the paninis, poutine, desserts and coffees. But there’s more healthy stuff now. Like fresh fruit juices (complete with calorie count), a salad bar and ‘raw food’ spaghetti (raw food being a big thing in the US).

Again, I think this reflects the changing times, the health consciousness among people. Not that they will necessarily order it every time but it’s good to take a ‘leadership’ position in that area for a brand like Mocha. What did I have? Belgian waffles – although it was four in the afternoon. Because they said ‘we serve ’em all day’. And I find them on the menu so rarely!

The staff is also rather nice (right now). Apart from the fact that they’ve got a makeover in terms of uniform (bright pink aprons!) – they are quite ‘concerned’ about your well being. The guy serving me apologised profusely, for taking 20 minutes to get my order.

Theek hai bhai – maaf kiya. As I was happily occupying a whole comfortable white sofa and enjoying the ambience I did not really care.

And by the way, it may be a ’70s theme but they play ’80s and ’90s music.

-Rashmi Bansal

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