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Mobile Film Making Circus

Whistling woods International presents ‘The mobile film making awards’. Yeah we believe you. With like twenty TV cameras installed and more than two dozen press photographers this event was not what it promised to be. The movies were silly at times, though not laugh worthy silly, just plain silly.

In attendance were Subhash Ghai (didn’t really talk much outside of WWI), Kurt Inderbitzin, Manmohan Shetty, Rajat Barjatiya (Didn’t really talk much outside of Rajshree productions), Kamlesh Pandey, Vineet Taneja (didn’t really talk much outside of the Nokia phone he was marketing) and Celina Jaitley (didn’t really talk, just mispronounced the Runner up’s name)

The ‘Winners’ were: a video of a guy hallucinating that that someone’s gonna kill him ‘Solitude Dreams’. Another farce was ‘Enlightening Saraswati’. It was like watching a PAC on DD. And ‘Ek Kavita’ was the movie that no one understood, but clapped for, just to look intelligent. Anyways it was about people’s hands, unlike ‘nanhe munne bacche teri mutthi me kya hai’ this one had no pinch of hope.

Now not all of the films were bad, two were mediocre, no awards for them though. All and all, this whole show seemed like a circus for what supposedly is one of the best film making schools in Asia.

Ashwini Gurbuxani

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