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MIT Aurangabad

The taps in toilets are always dry and guys relieve themselves anywhere except in the toilet.

Any fair skinned girl is a ‘Bomb’ here…. come to think of it, any of the 50 or so girls are ‘maal’.

Almost every other guy is smoking, chewing gutkha or tobacco.

The reading room is full of Lovebirds busy reading each others faces.

The canteen is full of ‘taaza’ and ‘garam’ stuff cooked the day before.

Teachers speak English and Hindi with a Marathi accent (“Ohaam’s law shtates that the current is directly proporshunaal to the applied holtage.” )

Anyone who can speak English with even a faint American accent is looked upon as a ‘Master’ of English and gets to emcee college functions.

When every student hurls the choicest English, Hindi, Marathi and other multi-lingual gaalis at their ‘khunnaswale’ teachers

When every teacher boasts of how good the college is ever since it got an ISO 9001-2000 certification

The college website/ brochure speaks of a whole range of facilities and amenities which no student has ever seen.

When even a young teacher with hardly any experience insists on students calling him Professor.

When listening to ‘Enreek Iglesas’ and Ricky Martin means you’re very hip and happening.

– Padumama ( a farter after eating canteen food )

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