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Misguided feminism

I know after this post I will be hated by many females but I felt it’s time for someone to raise her voice against this rising irrational misguided ‘feminist” behaviour!

Yes you heard it right, all this misguided feminism is affecting females way more than guys.
Tell me one thing, oh c’mon, do we all go on shouting, “! wanna breathe because I am a human being”,

Do men go on shouting ” I wanna invent and create awesome ideas because I am a man”, umm.. daaah… NO

Did anybody ask human beings to breathe and men to innovate and create.. I am tired of saying this but here you go, “NO”
So why do women go on shouting “we are at par with men”, “we need to be treated equal”, “we can also lead”

Ok Babe, Baby, Aunty If you wanna innovate idea then INNOVATE, if you wanna create then CREATE, if you wanna lead then get yourself a bunch of followers.

Ok now some of you will shout at me saying “in this male dominated world, we need our rights” or “we need our rights to roam around at whatever time we want in whatever clothes we want”… Tell me, are even men safe out on the roads in night? Have you heard of murders, assault of men at night, YES.. Does that stop them from living out their dreams, NO!

So, what I hear are lot of excuses and lot of encouragement to those excuses from the so – called feminists.

DISCLAIMER (in the middle of this post) – I request you to go further down and please do not plot to kill me for being so insensitive. I am not discussing about what hardships females go through. My point here is what all we create for ourselves adding on to the burden of already existing hardships!

So, let me get this straight if you are not an uneducated, dependent woman from extremely conservative circumstances, probably from a rural background and denied her rights, education and dignity; and if your ARE NOT someone brutalised;

And still YOU ARE the woman shrieking on top of your voice about an unfair and male dominated planet and how HENCE you could not live your dream.. babe let me just pose you a few questions;

Do men advise those women to compare them with every female around and make even one superior female bring down their perfect world in bits with blood of self-loathe?

Do men privately request those females to surf on net lame things or insist us to gossip about non – existing incidents when on the other hand those women can get well aware of trending technologies and not just skim top headlines and latest Android versions to look “cool”?

Do men send out letters personally to each one of those women for taking everything to their heart and remember the tiniest of issues and cling on to them for eternity?

Do men poke women on FB and remind them to be judgmental of every woman they come across.. slut, melodramatic, Plain Jane, bossy, lazy, unaccomplished, fat, slim, short, thin, under dressed, over dressed, dressed. Who all men handed out this list to those women?

Who in the hell do provide those women right to feel “victimized in relationship” who make their men feel special/important/handsome/funny even if that involves complete utter bullshit and lies. Who asked them to start this trend? Why do those women have to convince themselves that they are not dating or committed to a jerk by telling the respected jerks that they are just the opposite of pathetic. Why that energy can’t be invested by women in making themselves a better person in the first place and at the end of all energy consumption, weigh your scales and dump that jerk if not worth your life!

And the mighty angrez gifted the feminists the word “empowerment” ! Whereas;

There is an endless list of females who have made it big in every industry known.. Guess they were busy working when everybody else was making excuses #JustSaying

Empowered lady is one who doesn’t fear being alone in the process of standing for what she loves… Empowered is a woman who believes in validity of actions than mere words…

Empowered is a woman who holds kindness in her heart and determination in her mind…

Empowered is a woman who does not get carried away by money or fame and can manage to keep her head balanced and still distinguish right from wrong…

Empowered is a woman who has the guts to apologize and stand up to her mistakes and heart to acknowledge her c and celebrate her victory…

Life was never meant to hit target salary or exhibition of utter arrogance while holding a powerful position.. Life has always been and will always be about following your heart and accomplishing what you love… A successful entrepreneur is as EMPOWERED as a house maker who is raising her kids and family to be better human beings.

Wouldn’t it be better if we restrict and rejoice the utter importance and difference in female and male body anatomy ONLY to the process of Sex! FULLSTOP!

For the rest of the stuff in life; create, innovate, dream, accomplish, live, laugh, love, eat, run, play, take-risks irrespective of your gender!

Let’s just all of us become simply happy instead of giving fancy names to ourselves like feminist or chauvinist. After all Happiness is uni-sexual 😉

P.S. – If you feel offended as a woman after reading this note then either there was a loophole in my explanation of the topic at hand and my intentions or unfortunately the misguided-feminism is getting in between us. I apologize genuinely in both the cases. #Peace

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