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Mirage ’08

Mirage ‘08, the annual festival of Nagindas Khandwala College, Mumbai saw the participation of over 2,000 students who partook in some unique events.

1)Innovative Events & Theme – Rating 6
The BMS coordinator of the college, Mona Bhatia, envisioned Mirage ‘08 to be a festival that broke loose from traditional suburban college festivals. And after eight years of drudgery they went about implementing it quite well. Events such as Paintball and Adventure were fun. One event worth mentioning is Roadiez – the contestants were given a chance to role play the original TV series. Some of them swore that they almost believed that Raghu (the host of the TV show) would jump out of nowhere but breathed a sigh of relief when he didn’t. And honestly we did too!

2)Participants – Rating 5
With over 2,000 students showing up from different colleges we were disappointed to see none of the ‘townies’ (students from South Mumbai) show up. Colleges that did dare to come in were Dhanukar, Mithibhai, ADMIS, Ruparel, Birla, Vartak and others.

3)Glamour Quotient -Rating 6
Most of the glam you saw was only at the rock concert and the cultural events. Vayu, a Mumbai rock band, judged the rock show and entertained the crowd afterwards. Madhushree, one of the finalists from Sa Re Ga Ma played her part too! Television actors Molly Dave, Gaurav Chopra and choreographer Kirit Helia graced their presence for the cultural events.

4)Eye Candy – Rating 4
For a BMS festival of a suburban college there was a surprisingly good crowd from other suburban colleges.

5)Eating Corners
There were no eating corners. It took us a while to realize the participants didn’t die of hunger, but rather willingly went to the canteen for food. Knowing how college canteen food really tastes like, we stuck with our faithful ‘Parle G’ biskoot and Pepsi!

6)Prizes – Rating 7
With sponsors like Pepsi, Fever 108 FM and Cinemax the winners got prizes worth a total of Rs 3.5 lacs. JAM gave away Globus vouchers, and Nivea Products. Other prizes includes Essel World passes, Mickey Mehta vouchers and goodies from Networth and Arena Multimedia.

7)Overall Management – Rating 5
As management students the organizers were briefed and taught to make the best out of every situation and they made sure that one would have no chance of complaining about events not starting/finishing on time or getting bored. The organisers were pretty honest about their shortcomings and managed to solve whatever problems they had pretty quickly. In a nutshell Mirage ’08 was splendidly managed. Next time, bring in the food please.

Overall Rating 5

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