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Kolkata, a place where music breathes in every corner, and  a place where every other week, a group of people get together to make their own rock band. In this very competitive era of rock bands, even thinking of starting a metal/rock band is a big deal, with its own pressure and hurdles like: who will sponsor us?  Unsupportive parents and indifferent critics, most bands succumb in their first few months.

Well, MIND ERAS[h]ER is of course is a band that has come a long way. You’d guess by their name- that they are a ‘girlfriend-stricken’ band. But, let me correct you here. This band is not about erasing ‘her’, it’s about erasing the emotions or letting out the emotions which you are hiding inside yourself and living a fake life which I think, is a common problem. There music is basically against  hypocrite society who judge every youth struggler/dreamer as a loser.   Their songs are revolutionary, lyrics have a soul. ‘It doesn’t matter if your dream is buried deep inside the earth, you should dredge it out whether it’s in respect to your love or your career or anything’. So there.

What the band is trying to do is exemplify; ‘No matter if you support us or not, we’ll reach the top where you don’t want to see us’. This rap-metal core band consists of four very young music freaks: Prince (lead vocalist/rapper), Neil (lead-guitarist/vocals ), Paul(bass guitarist) and Avishek (drums). In the summer of 2011 these music freaks got together and decide to take their obsession for music to a different level. They formed a band. Like other bands, they also went through their struggles, trying hard to get a big crowd performance. They didn’t take any break. They start visiting every college and school personally and the most popular youth addas: hookah parlours and pubs for promoting themselves. After a long they got a small break, to perform in a college. And they declared ‘Boss! Keep your feet in the pit! We are the next’. Their song ‘My Girl with Someone Else’ in that concert lifted them to a different level. They got their fans.

My Girl With Someone Else, was released world-wide by Jackson Records, featured in Reincarnation Vol-II.. Within six months, they won 21 competitions which include state-level events and nation-level along with their tour to Delhi and Bangalore. In their journeys, they faced problems, from their instruments being stolen right before the concert, to negative responses from society columnists. But, that didn’t stop them.

After realising the struggle a band has to go through to make their existence in media/event industry, they organised their own concert called – HELL FEST, where they promote new and upcoming talent by giving them a stage to prove themselves. Winter of 2012, was the first season of HELL FEST which was hugely successful with a crowd of about 2000. HELL FEST 2.0 came in May, 2013 where the crowd was 2500. And now, in October comes HELL FEST 3.0, with new talents to rock the world.

Their other  popular tracks are; Nishpaap and Ghor Andhakar.

So if you are in WB then you must attend their concert once.

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