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Men do cry: Football World Cup

The football world cup can definitely be dubbed as a tearjerker blockbuster. To quash all myths that men don’t cry. The ongoing tournament has provided enough moments that displayed an emotional side of rugged and macho football players who wear their hearts on their sleeves. This world cup has shown that it’s okay for men to bawl like babies after a victory or a loss. Some of these moments show how passionate the players are about this sport. The players carry with them the hopes of their entire nation and sometimes a disappointment gets the better of them. Here’s a look at some of the emotional moments from the tournament that would give the saas-bahus of tellyland a run for their money.

1. Crying never looked so cute


Colombia’s poster boy James Rodriguez was man enough to shed tears after his team’s loss to the mighty Brazil. This young chap couldn’t help but cry his eyes out realising that Colombia’s world cup dreams were over. This passionate player can make crying look so cute. Can’t help but get misty eyed too.

2. Frenchmen get emotional too


France bid adieu to their world cup semis berth after an empathetic loss to Germany. France played their hearts out and had a glimmer of hope in the last moments of the game. But it just wasn’t their day. France’s Antoine Griezmann couldn’t fathom his team’s loss and was uncontrollable. Teammate Rio Mavuba tried to console him but the tears just kept rolling down.

3. Oppan Son Style



Watch out Psy there’s another South Korean who’s trending on social media. South Korea’s player Son Heung-min couldn’t help it as his emotions got the better of him. This player whimpered like a baby after South Korea’s brave efforts couldn’t prevent their loss in the Group H match against Belgium.

4. The Swiss Cry


The super 16 stage of the tournament had some really great moments. Switzerland proved to be a tough cheese to bite into for the Argentina team. But luck prevailed and Argentina moved on to the quarters. Teammate Michael Lang tried his best to comfort Swiss player Fabian Schar who couldn’t help but lament over the final score despite his team’s valiant battle against one of the greats. 

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