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Media Attacked!

– Diksha Ohri, Vivekanada College, Delhi University, takes a critical look at today’s media.

Journalism Interrogated. The debate that dares to challenge the “Big Media” revolves around its limitations. Is media confined to the demarcated boundary? Well, pat comes the reply from the celebrities (the biggest victims!) who say media today forcefully intrudes into their private lives and they simply name it as “Cheap Journalism“.

BUT the crowd has different views on the spotlight and hidden cameras. They are hungry for all the ‘mirch masala‘ the media can provide them with and opine that with celebrity status, publicity (negative or positive) is something inevitable.

There have been instances when media has literally barged into the homes of celebrities. From the case of the conflicts between Ambani brothers leading to the consequent breaking of Reliance company to the recent disturbances between Karisma and Sunjay Kapur where much was talked about their divorce which had yet not taken place.

Then the MMS clip featuringShahid and Kareena was ridiculous. Can we really call it decent and journalism in true sense? It’s despicable and at times reprimanded by some personalities. Like comments by Aamir Khan when asked about his personal life. Stars, after all, are also human beings.

Looking the other way round, one cannot completely limit the role of media. After all it brings us closer to the reality and throws the spotlight on issues of national importance.

Besides this, who doesn’t like to peep into the exorbitant sum of money spend on ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings‘? Like that of daughter of Rishi and Neetu Kapooor and Aamir Khan with Kiran Rao and most memorable Laxmi Mittal‘s daughter’s wedding which was a big affair.

Therefore can only conclude that there must be some restrictions by which media should abide but otherwise it’s free to eavesdrop in order to keep providing its audience with a lot more!

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