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MBA Mountaineer

Malli Mastan Babu is one ambitious bloke. His dream is to be the first Indian to climb 7 summits (highest peaks in each continent) in record time – 165 days! He has already climbed two of the highest peaks in the world – Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Mt Aconcagua (South America). Malli’s story is all the more interesting because he happens to be an IIM Calcutta graduate (2004). “I am from a small village near Nellore and my parents are not educated. We are the first generation to go for school.” For most folks from such a background, a secure job after MBA would have been achievement enough. Not Malli.

While at IIMC he started an Adventure Club and organised several treks for the student community. But so deep-rooted is his love for climbing that after graduating, he decided to shun the corporate world and pursue mountaineering as a full time career.

In the near future he plans to set up an adventure tourism company. But his immediate goal remains the 7 summits. The entire expedition will cost $ 110,00. So far Malli has funded himself as well as received support came in the form of equipment from his RIT (engineering) friends. With a basic mountaineering course from Manali Institute, tremendous spirit and passion, Malli is currently looking for sponsors to help accomplish his dream. Any takers?

– Suhani Singh

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