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Maruti suzuki

Remember the famous ‘Petrol khatam hi nahi honda’ ad that was aired a few years ago? This one is a sequel to it, though nothing in the ad suggests that. In the older ad, a young Sikh kid plays around with a toy car and when he’s asked to stop by his angry dad, he says, “Papa, ki karan, petrol khatam hi nahi honda.” Now the kid has grown up and his grandma repeats what he did as a kid and delivers the same statement. This reminded me of the Amitabh – Hema Malini starrer Babul where they try to cash in on Baghban’s popularity. I don’t understand why they couldn’t create a new commercial for Maruti. The whole thing looks cliché and you don’t find any amusement in the statement anymore.

Surya Ragunaathan

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