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Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom

I can’t imagine spending one day in prison, Mr. Mandela spent 20 years.
Directed by  Justin Chadwick and starring Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, this is fantastic movie if you talk about the performances. I had it coming that Idris Elba would nail it as Nelson Mandela and he does knock this one out of the park with his incredible performance. But, I simply applaud Naomie Harris. Her performance was jaw-dropping-lee-good. People have always under-appreciated Idris Elba, we saw him in the TV series ‘The Wire’ and early last year in the robot battle ‘Pacific Rim’ but here he completely transforms into the fundamentals and principles of Mr. Mandela and he literally embodied the character throughout the movie. Special mentions to the make-up artists too, when you have a film like this and you have a figure that we all know so well these make-up people make it seem very very believable and authentic to get into the skin of the character.  Now that you have the authenticity out of your head, you can focus on one of the most incredible story in the history of civilization.
So, am not a great reader and I haven’t read the book ‘Long Walk of Freedom’ that Nelson Mandela wrote but the direction here ranges from being exceptional to average to bad at times. While, some shots look so perfect that they give you chills but the others are so tacky and slow that you feel its dragging along. The movie is 2 hour 30 minutes long and even though that is a long duration. It felt it was less to encompass the life of the great man.
Having said that, the life of the great man was so incredible and so inspiring that you continue to watch it to know more of the facts and incidents that led to him being the President of South Africa. So instead of complaining you let Mandela’s story speak for itself. You watch it and you cannot believe that one person, one single person did all by himself. I don’t know a lot about his story and how his life was but I wasn’t really aware about his relation with Winnie Madikizela. Her back is also been presented here, which I wasn’t aware of one bit. The movie makes you sad but in-turn gives you hope. The problem is I wanted to know a bit more about the political front of his story. The part where he rises to conquer the power of the authority has not been presented well.
Final Verdict: Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom features great performances from both the lead characters, better than anything you would have seen in the recent past. The narrative and direction do seem a bit off in places but this biography is worth checking out.
Rating: 3/5

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