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Malhar goes ‘Global’

Themes usually add nothing to a college festival, besides work for the people making posters. Will Malhar’s ‘Going Global’ be any different ? Suhani Singh visits St Xavier’s college to find out.

There are two schools of thought on Malhar – some who believe it is The most happening college festival in town, while the rest feel it’s highly overrated. Well, there’s a little bit of truth in both these statements. But whichever school of thought you belong to, you have to admit the organisers take their jobs really seriously. And it shows!

A full 3 months before the actual fest, the Chair Person (CP), Vice Chairperson (VPs) and the OCs (Organising Committee) start going about their jobs. The volunteers are brought in around June and that’s when things start heating up. Visit St Xavier’s right now and the ‘Moffis’ (Malhar office) is buzzing with activity.

The theme this year is “Around the world in 48 hours”. Shawn Mendes, Chairperson explains, “The whole point is to give the youth a feel of diverse cultures. India is now adapting to different cultures, it’s moving on and Malhar will reflect a mix of all the cultures across the globe.”

OK, cut the PR. What exactly does that mean? Well, thankfully, no new and convoluted events. The same events held every year will be given some kind of a global twist. So for example, the Performing Arts (PA) is divided into Indian Performing Arts (IPA) and World Performing Arts (WPA). Fine Arts will feature an exhibition of ‘global art’ and there is a workshop on Greek theatre.

Of course, THE most important function of a theme is to provide inspiration for decor. And this one has plenty of scope. Creativity is evident in Puddles being togged up in the Air India Maharaja’s robes, and the very first brochure being printed in the shape of an airline ticket.

Watch out for :-
Duet-dancing event ‘Two to Tango’
A second hand book exhibition for all of us who miss the bookwallahs at Fountain
Café Vesuvio – the Literary Arts lounge where you can discuss issues
5 international NGOs will have stalls and stage time to propagate their cause

Eliminations: – 6th & 7th August
Finals – 14th & 15th August

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