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Making Waves

JAM brings you a sneak peak into the latest tech sensation Google Wave

Techies or non techies, everyone waited for it with bated breath. And the wait is finally over (well almost). Google Wave has hit us and how!

Google Wave is a cross platform application, which allows users to merge e-mail, instant messaging, wikis, social networking and that is not just it! What this app will offer for the first-time ever is the power to edit documents in real time. For instance if A and B are in a conversation, A can not only see what B is typing, but also choose to edit it as he types.
In due course of time, this feature will prove to be very effective for organisations, as the whole process of finishing work and then sending it for approval goes right out of the window.
At first glance, Wave might seem pretty complicated, but the real fun starts when you learn the tricks. In order to simplify things, just as you log in there is a Doctor Wave, who will be waiting to welcome you in form of an embedded YouTube video. This guy spells everything out for you and explains every thing that one should know.

When it comes to conversations, this app is truly amazing. It gives you a variety of new options and to explore everything, all one has to do is start a new wave. This wave will allow you to add as many people as you want into a conversation, and also share videos/pictures with them by simply dragging and dropping them in the wave.

With Wave, language is not a barrier anymore thanks to the all-new Rosy translation tool. This feature will now translate a selected few languages (e.g. French) just as you type and there ends the obstacle of an unknown language.

Google Wave has good news for all Twitter fans too. Wave allows you to sign into Twitter and tweet, reply to tweets, check tweets as well.

Wave is without a doubt the next big thing. But there is a catch. If you want to get your hands on Wave, you better start looking for someone who already has it and ask him (or her) for an invite. And be prepared to dole out huge favours. As of now, it is not open to all and an invite is your only key to this app.

-Priyanka Talreja

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