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‘Make way for CWG athletes’

The Common Wealth Games (CWG) are approaching and 3000 students have been asked to evacuate the hostels in order to house athletes.

Shovit Ranjan from Hans Raj College, who lives at the hostel, complains, “We were told we would be evicted at the time of signing the bonds. It didn’t matter back then, now it is rough.”

Rooms are either unavailable or expensive with students being charged twice the rent. With this problem, more people have to crunch in one apartment. Safety is another issue. “The college hostel was much safer. It also provided us with good food; now we have to depend on tiffin service,” adds Shovit.

Students are going through hardship and are very unhappy. The on;y silver lining for them is cleaner rooms when they get back!

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