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Every writer wants that one elusive break that leads to instant stardom and the film industry is known to give breaks to many a new talent. Sachin, Raja, Amit and Prathamesh are a bunch of sincere and hard working boys in their late teens and early 20’s. Although they have been modestly brought up in a chawl at Andheri in Mumbai and do odd jobs for a living, they have managed to garner support for their short film from eminent producer Bhushan Agarwal.

Like most strugglers it was their dream too, to step into Bollywood. They always wanted to write a film based on real experiences and were seriously affected when they recently saw a sensitive issue on a Hindi news channel on the growing problem of female infanticide in Rajasthan. This news piece struck them a lot and created an urge to contribute to create awareness about such an important social issue. They immediately thought of taking action by writing a script. They worked at Seepz during the day and wrote the script during late nights under candle light.

But what next? They did not have resources to execute their plan. In their struggle to find a producer, they met Mr. Bhushan Agarwal out of sheer luck in his office. Remembering the incident Sachin says, “We were scared even to speak to the watchman before entering the office”. Agarwal however, heard their story patiently and immediately decided to produce it.

The next challenge was to make the movie look very real and natural, so the entire short film has been shot at locations in Rajasthan with a majority of non-actors. They have named the film ‘Ek Mauka-One Chance’. On being questioned about the title, Agarwal says “Life gives us one chance and we need to grab it like these boys did”.
The industry has appreciated their work and Sachin admits being very excited about the sudden fame and very nervous too. Support from their families has given them even more confidence in their endeavor. This movie has got critical acclamation and the poster has also been published on the cover page of a film and
TV magazine.

They are currently celebrating the joy of success of their first short film and working on their next project. You can watch their interview and their short film Ek Mauka- One Chance exclusively on JAM TV.

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