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LTA School of Beauty – report card

When the press release from this School of Beauty landed in our inbox we were intrigued by the unique name. LTA, it sounds like an elite and sophisticated and possibly Italian school. However, we were dismayed when we found out it actually spelt Lotus Training Academy Pvt. Ltd. We didn’t find the full form until we checked their brochures, where the real name was tucked away, out of the sight of prying eyes. Nonetheless, we decided to grace this School of Beauty with our scrutinizing presence. Following is our verdict.

1st Impression
The ‘school’ is situated in a nondescript building just down the lane from Andheri station (E), Mumbai. One small banner bears the name of the ‘school’. There is no other indication of the school, from the outside at least. A flight of green marble stairs leads you to a smoked glass door which is the entrance to the ‘school’. The entrance and location looks more like that of a coaching class than an academy.

Very fragile. Everything seems to be either made of glass or mirrors. The place almost resembles the mirror maze at Essel World. Since it’s a new ‘school’ (only six months old), the place was spick and span, stylish and air conditioned. Even though some of the rooms were a little crammed, it was a fairly decent place. But we are guessing this is just because it’s new. The place is also equipped with hairstyling equipment used for the hair care training program and new machinery for the skin treatment program.

Course Details
LTA offers various courses in Hair Care and Skin Therapy and various other grooming aspects. There are both short term and long term courses available.

Short Term Courses
These courses are of one month each. The courses are – Bridal Makeup, Studio Makeup, Nail Technician, Aroma Therapy, Reflexology and Personal Grooming.

Long Term Courses
1.Complete Hair Professional: This a five month long course about complete hair care, styling and all that jazz.
2.Complete Beauty Professional: This is a three month long course.
3.International Esthetician Program: This is the longest course offered by this school.

It’s an 8 to 12 month long course that is approved by CIDESCO in Switzerland.
They also offer an Expert Series wherein people can specialize in certain aspects of the field. The courses include Hair Cuts, Hair Color Experts, Hair Chemical Expert, Facial Electrical Treatments and Hands and Feet Treatments. These courses are 2.5-3 months long.

The fees are pretty exorbitant compared to the short duration of the course. However, if they teach and provide all the facilities they say they do, it’s probably worth it. The short term courses range from Rs 8,000-40,000.

Selection Procedure
Except for the Expert Series where they conduct an entrance test, there is no selection procedure for any other course. However, you have to be a 10 + 2 pass. As long as you have the money to pay and are a human being, you can join this ‘School of Beauty’.

They have full time faculty who are experts in their fields. This is what they told us. Don’t expect to be taught by some celebrity make up artist or hairstylist.

Student Feedback
Apparently, they have roped in students as well. When we visited the school, the place was full with instructors but no students. Strange.

All students are provided internships with LTA’s own salons called Looks and Locks for one month. When asked if they guarantee placements, they told us that students are provided interviews with salons but not guaranteed jobs.
Overall Impression: This school is a new born baby in the market with only six months behind it. We were quite impressed with the ambience and infrastructure of the place. Still, the place is only a fledgling institution which is yet to take off in a big way. Don’t expect to be blown away by the academia, but if you have the money and are interested in pursuing beauty treatments, then this might not be a bad option to consider.

– Tamanna

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