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Loyalty Lies

Players are jumping sides every season, even between leagues. For one, they are competing with their national teammates, while for another, against them. The question is where does their loyalty lie?

Jaques Kallis (ex-Warriors) has to play for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) this season. Captain of RCB, Anil Kumble believes that Kallis will benefit his squad, as the latter will be able to pick the brains of his teammates and give apt inputs and strategies.
Players debate by saying, we are professionals and there will be no clash of loyalties, it doesn’t matter that we are playing for different teams.

In the first season of IPL, Zaheer Khan and Robin Uthappa played for RCB while in the second they played for Mumbai Indians. What comes as a question to us is, how can players change teams at the speed of light?
The only logical answer to all these questions is
‘motivation’ – Paisa.

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