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Love in a B school…

After much hard work when you finally see your name on the admit list of an esteemed college you release a sigh of relief. Only you don’t know what awaits you when you reach those hallowed halls. Sleepless nights and cut throat competition bare their teeth at you as soon as you set foot on campus. You look desperately for that silver lining which in most cases is a cute girl/guy in your class. The hunt begins from the first day. While professors desperately try to induct you into the course you are scanning the class faster than the speed of light. Your subject notes will never be as comprehensive as the notes you take on where the cute girl is sitting or whom she is talking to. Slowly and steadily people start making their moves and as the term moves on we have the famed B-school couples. After a little analysis and I have classified them as follows, some may be a fusion of these:

Party bangers: When you look around a few drinks down, you notice you aren’t dancing with the same people you started off with. You notice some of your friends have smoothly moved away from the centre to the corners, only they aren’t alone anymore more. A few more drinks later you notice some serious dirty dancing has started in all corners of the party. If you are still in the state to notice then very soon, you shall see these couples leaving the party. Next afternoon they wake up to find some stranger in their bed, and shock in their head. With this kind of couple their LOVE blossoms on drunken nights and dies as soon as soberness bites. It is a classic case of raat gayi baat gayi..

Nerdy love: This couple defines synergy, contrary to all popular belief which says that people in love lose focus this couple manages to improve their grades after dating. They are mostly spotted in the library studying for some test or preparing for some case study competition. After a while they start looking and talking like each other. The whole batch looks on while their personalities merge into each other.

Long distance love: Many people come to a B-school already committed to someone back home. But the hectic schedules and the need for someone’s shoulder to cry on, often leads to new alliances being formed. The extent of seriousness in this relationship is inversely proportional to hotness of the partner waiting back home. These guys mostly operate by the principle “what they don’t know can’t hurt them”, with the end of college comes an end to this relationship.

Friend zoned hopefuls: This is a common occurrence in any college, they are seen together on walks, in the library, in restaurants etc. They are spotted on dates more often than the actual couples. But alas the guy/girl carrying the books, doing the assignments is nothing but a friend. This relationship rests on the hope that someday they will move out of the friend zone by sheer dedication to the task of being a pseudo BF/GF, but it never happens.

True love: This type can be identified easily as they start expressing their love on public forums, even their profile pictures have each other photos. This is a rare occurrence but it happens, two people in a B school, actually fall in love, stay together during college and lo behold soon after graduating you see an event on Facebook notifying you of their engagement.

About the writer: I am “Just one of those many b school students aspirants hoping to be the next Indra Nooyi :)” Currently pursuing MBA at XLRI

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