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L’Oreal Instant clear

Dandruff and an economy in the doldrums aren’t the best bedfellows, really. Amidst stories of bankruptcies, suicides, himesh reshammiya announcing a third movie featuring himself and a bunch of sleeping pigs in the maharashtra cabinet, the plight of a 20yr old kid with a receding hair line doesn’t sound very pleasant.it just doesn’t.

I tried every damn shampoo out there. None of them really worked, so to speak and they were harsh enough to accelerate my hair loss at a rate that’d do an f1 car proud. As a last ditch resort, i tried instant clear. At 425 bucks for 200ml it costs twice that of a normal indian fmcg shampoo, but what the heck, it works! My dandruff is finally gone! Even the hair loss has come down to negligible levels.

Head to your nearest salon and buy it without any second thoughts. I am sure there are many more like me fighting dandruff and wish to see this world with more snow flakes than flakes coming out of their own head.

– Satish

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