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AAP vote now
AAP vote now

Elections on April 7 – U’ve got 15 days to decide.

Lok Sabha elections begin on April 7. The following state wise schedule shows when your state goes to polls.  Along with our exams, submissions, it is important that we get ready to vote.

Get a voter ID:
If you do not have one. You still have time to register. Go to www.voteindia.in or Election Commmission of India. This can be done online and it is fast, simple.



Carefully decide who your vote should go to. Discuss, think, decide. If you’re disillusioned and confused, remember the person and party and what they stand for is important. Do not get swayed by false inducements.

And finally, do not expect politics to solve all your problems, you are part of the solution. Solve them yourself.

Check the candidates’ track record
The ADR- Association for Democratic reforms informs you about every canddiate’s track record. Look for your state on their sister website www.myneta.info .

State-wise See the profile of the candidates in your state – available on www.myneta.info. The ADR, investigates and compiles the information based on the sworn affidavits filed by the candidates. As per law, affidavits are required to be filed before the election commission, . Every candidate has to declare the following;

Criminal record: Violence, Rape, Murder, Dacoity, Fraud. Some candidates have serious crimes which include many of the above. You don’t want to vote for someone who has these qualities.

All main political parties, without exception including the BJP, Congress, Samajwadi Party and those from Southern states have between 5%-30% candidates with criminal records – in every state! Inspite of the fact that their ads promise clean government, change.

Declaration of wealth and assets: The ADR discovered that some candidates had grown their wealth 50 to100 times in just 5 years after getting elected as an MLA.

Educational Background: You can verify if the person is educated, and possesses any qualities to represent your constituency.

See the following links
 MLAs in Delhi from crorepati to maha-crorepati

One candidate from Bijwasan, Delhi grew in assets from Rs 6 crore to Rs 111 crore! In 5 years
Another MLA from Badarpur, Delhi grew from Rs. 8 crore to Rs. 58 crore in the same period.
Delhi Election Watch (DEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 140 re-contesting candidates including 66 re-contesting MLAs contesting in Delhi State Assembly Elections…Read the full article

simulate politicians

Go out and vote for a good clean candidate. Help the country get on its feet.

State-wise Elections Schedule
election schedule 2014

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