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Living life the XL way

They say you go to a Business school to learn how to be a manager, I say you go to a Business school to learn how to live. True, you will learn how to read balance sheets, make marketing plans and myriad other things, but more importantly how to sit in your formals even after getting placed to support your friends who are still in the process. My two years at XLRI has made sure I have enough memories which can make me smile even in the toughest of times. What makes XL special is the unique crazy mix of people, I guess the selection process being different from the IIMs helps. XL does not penalize candidates for their past sins (10th and 12th marks), caste, or through normalization. Therefore reaching the interview stage is much more achievable for a candidate, the rest depends on what you do in the interview. I for one like it when I am awarded the chance to get admitted, does not matter if I screw it up, I deserve the chance to screw it up. Once you are admitted, then starts this truly amazing journey. A journey that imbibes in you many values and lessons for life, like
Friends first: If a hot girl is hitting on you at a party, and you see your friend about to puke his guts out, you got to ditch the girl and go to your friend. After all when would you get such an opportunity to photograph him, right?
Finding the right girl: If you see you single friend about to get committed, you make sure you embarrass the hell out of him. Don’t misunderstand, you just wanted to make sure he can handle the pressure of being in a relationship.
Networking: Small batch size means you know everyone, even the introverts. Your skills and talents will not be hidden. In fact the depth of knowledge our gossip mills have, it would put big brother to shame.
Finding yourself: You truly discover yourself when you find your signature dance step. This step shall makes its presence known at all parties and would be your claim to fame.
Learning Tolerance: When you teach yourself not to rip apart the person blasting yo yo honey singh in loop on his speakers, you have learnt tolerance.
Sharing Happiness: We celebrate all festivals, and have scrumptious regional night dinners. Besides we also celebrate birthdays, ppi, ppo, it does not matter if it is yours or your roommate’s, both your arses are going to get kicked till they feel raw.
Being Creative: Thinking out of the box is child’s play when it comes to welcoming IIMC, the swear words and slogans are infused with creativity. What is truly amazing is that when the games are done, you politely invite them over for a can of beer.
Never would you get an opportunity to live this carefree life, where you do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be. This life where every little emotion is magnified and fills you to the brim. This life where you meet the best of people, friends who laugh at your drunken antics yet make sure you reach your room safely. Friends who coach you before placements, who research your companies so you can get some sleep before the interview. The nerds, whom you harassed all year long, but they still stay up all night to make sure you pass the exam. The professors who challenge you, who laugh at you when you fall asleep, who offer you a drink if you get an answer right, who know you in and out and are still patient with you. The support staff who cleans up your mess, without a single complain. And finally the man who contributes to all your weight gain with his yummy buttery paranthas, Bishuda, who also politely advices you to study and not party too hard. The apt phrase to end it, if there ever was an end, will always be “XL meri jaan”

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