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Life of an engineering student in a “3rd tier” college

You don’t have to study much after you join a college they said. After 1 year of frequent unit and revision tests I entered my college with so much of expectations that gets fed during the last months of school days. I imagined that my college life would be like what they show in movies and tv shows. Bunking classes, bunch of friends, love and lots of memories.

First day experience showed me that I have lot of surprises to face – beyond my expectations. That college is an extended version of school. Not an upgraded version of it. I wrote class notes everyday physically. I was told how to get 8 marks out of a 10 mark question. I was told how to stop asking silly questions. I was told to pay fees for stuff I never enjoyed. But I wasn’t told what I always wanted to be told. I was left with unanswered questions.

I paid my tuition fee through educational loan and debts. My parents believed in me. But I have no options left to believe my college and faculty. My super seniors who had just completed their BE became my faculty. They never did teach how to solder a circuit. All they wanted were polished shoes, wrapped notebooks, id cards and bunch of assignments. I never could find meaning of the word ’exposure’.

When my schoolmate invite me over to his college fest I would exclaim at his college’s infrastructure they boast about. I regretted every night when I visit a new better college. Later on, I am used to it. When my college organizes a fest, I rarely invite my friends because I don’t want them to make fun of my college. I cried when my friend throws a party for getting placed in a reputed company just because he was studying in a reputed college. Regretting became a routine.

I saw my seniors’ photos in the placement record. But I never did see anyone going to such namesake 10×10 feet room companies. 4 years of engineering and nearly 6 lakhs of money fetched them a job that makes them to answer queries over a phone. I saw my senior who scored 90% selling sim cards. There are moments when I ponder over all the bagful of advice from every side I realize that I am now in my last semester regretting about what I could have done in my previous semesters. All I have is the levels which I had completed in NFS while I am in my hostel, a few life lessons, handful of arrears, and empty dreams.


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