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Letter to Arvind Kejriwal from a Delhi woman

Hello Sir.

Congratulations on the win. It’s been a historic one. And you have awed all of us, yet again.

Yes, you have been a whirlwind of a kind. Charming everyone across religions, castes and classes, you are now on your way to becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, already working on the fulfilling the promises you have made in your election manifesto. The fact that you have never shied away from the media- when you were being fired questions at, when your party was being alleged for accepting black money, when you were being ridiculed by the other parties, when your dignity was being questioned; has impressed me. That you made it clear that you want complete transparency in the system is again something that I am in awe of.arvind_kejriwal--621x414--621x414_opt

But everything said and done, what we request you to focus on Sir, the most on is women’s security.I┬ádon’t say┬áthat we women are feeble weaklings, in dire need of someone to take charge of our protection. Instead, what┬áI say is make┬ásuch kind of a reliant system, wherein we don’t have to feel the need to protect ourselves. Wherein every woman can walk out of her house whether in broad daylight or in pitch darkness, without her intentions and dignity being questioned, without being groped, assaulted, raped, maimed or murdered.kejru_opt (1)

A system, wherein judiciary functions more swiftly and responsibly, which punishes the defaulters of law with no mercy and in full justice.

Sir, free wi-fi, solar energy, power stations, subsidized electricity bills are wonderful, but we also need a society which ceases to have men leering and lusting for every woman who passes by on the street, is standing in the metro, commutes in the bus, irrespective of what she is wearing and what she is not. We need a society that doesn’t blame the girl for the atrocity that she was subjected to, we need a more receptive and less judgemental society for the girl to never lose hope in life and give up.

Sir, we need a society with lesser honour killings, moral policing and more of religious harmony, brotherhood and fraternity. We need a society where marriages are no more a bargain, but a matter of choice and opinion for the woman.

No Sir, we don’t need an exclusive ladies coach or reserved ladies seats in the metro, bus. or any other mode of commute.

What we would actually want is, freedom. Freedom from the fear of being made an easy target, that we face each day.

With hope and anticipation,

A woman, in Delhi.

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