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Last lap of the CAT

You have been preparing for D Day all along, and now you’ve reached the last lap of the race. You feel the heat building up, the pressure mounting, days that go in anticipation and time that increasingly gets spent in the temples and you replace your sweetheart’s snap with a picture of God..

JAM brings you some pertinent and useful tips to ensure that you don’t have to overdo your Godly devotion or undo your activity timings; you can relax and sail comfortably through Cat 2010:

A quick screen through
You should be in a relaxed state of mind when you see your paper so as to be able to solve it in a smooth and systematic way. To do this, the best approach is to go-through or scan the whole paper once to get a vague idea of the difficulty level of different sections and then attempt questions from each of the sections. This will give you an idea of the easy as well as the difficult parts, and then you can startegise accordingly.

Use the answer choices
The time is limited, and the questions obviously are not-so-easy. Many a times some questions may take you more time than expected. For such times, you must make use of all the answer options and the best answer that fits in with the question is your choice. This is a very easy and fast way of solving the question.

Be selective and decisive:
Decide in two readings whether you are going to attempt the question or not. You are not expected to answer all the questions accurately. And to guess the answers just to increase the number of attempted questions will not make sense. Negative marking will bring down your final score. You need to perform consistently in all the sections.

Begin with:
Start with questions you are familiar with. This will boost your self confidence and you will be able to perform much better.

Do not experiment:
Don’t even think of coming up with new test-taking strategies at this stage. Having studied through the year, by now you know what works best for you, stick to it. As long as the strategy you are using is giving you rewards, don’t change it. For example, if your best bet is to scan a passage and then move onto to the questions, just stick to it.
Don’t, at this stage, try reading the questions before reading the passage. In short, now is not the time to bring in new techniques.

7 days before the exam should be all about full length mock tests and analysis for each of those tests. Don’ try anything new and brush up all your concepts and learning.

Lastly, don’t try to forecast the difficulty level of the paper. It does not matter! An easier paper will have higher cut-offs and vice versa.

Remember Jammers, CAT is not the end of it all! It is just one more exam, unlike any other, (yes you read it right!)

it’s definitely not the end of the road. Just in case you don’t perform well in the exam, there are a million other opportunities waiting for you! All the best!

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