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Last Bencher

The name says it all. Last bencher. Some people love it. The nerds despise it. It’s very tough to explain why. Somehow they feel they have been transported to some other planet where they are all alone; where they can’t concentrate on what is being taught. But trust me it’s not true. There are people who lead the pack even after sitting on the last bench. They have all the fun in the world and still manage to pass out with flying colours. The thrills and spills?

Here they go.
I’m a last bencher myself and believe me it’s the best place in the class. We have all the fun in the world under the watchful eyes of the professor – and that’s no mean feat. We can practically get away with murder, as the professor has no idea as to who passed a comment or made that weird noise. It’s so much fun when you avoid getting caught.

The next advantage of being a last bencher is you get your full quota of sleep. In most cases the last benchers are insomniacs – they sleep late, come to class, sign the attendance sheet and doze off. The professor’s more worried about the frontbenchers, as he/she knows that the ones at the back don’t give a damn about their life. And that’s the truth – those poor nerds at the front are there to provide us notes and journals, so we basically get to have our cake and eat it too. We get to be in our own world, so most of us are in our own dreamland. And what’s more – we get to sign the most important thing – the attendance sheet. You get to play tic-tac-toe and other such lame games and talk endlessly with your partner (and go unnoticed most of the times), among other things. But then, you can’t expect everything in this world to be nice and rosy, can you?

The first, actually the only, disadvantage emerges in case you’re caught. Some are smart enough not to land into trouble and don’t bother about the others. However, if you don’t happen to be one among them and are caught writing journals, passing stupid comments or even dreaming, convincing the professor, even if you happen to be innocent, is the toughest thing on this planet.

Consequences range from a simple let-off to even a dismissal if things go awfully wrong. And that’s not all. That professor will always watch you even if you haven’t done anything. Best remedy – take refuge with the nerds and show the professor/s that you are one of them. It’s a ploy that works most of the time. Slowly, come back to your usual ways. Bear in mind that being a mischievous last bencher affects internal marks.

But these are certain things, which can be avoided. In spite of being a last bencher if you can show that you are still as good as the nerds nothing like it. Professors are really impressed by such people and the way the professors sees you is very different from the way he sees the frontbenchers. Such an impression is a very nice impression that and it really shows in the marks. But there are very few people like that nowadays who manage to sit on the last bench, have all the fun, get caught and still manage to prove themselves in their academics. It requires a lot of determination and a lot of willpower which some of them sincerely have.

Ultimately, sitting on the last bench is heaven. It is so much fun to doze off in class. It does have its disadvantages but that can be avoided if the person doesn’t cross his/her limits. Sitting on the last bench is not a crime. So for all those of you, who think that last benchers are the dumbest in the class, think again! It is an awesome experience, which I believe everyone should have at least once in his or her life!


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