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Kya Bath Hai


Presenting Karan Johar’s new show ‘Kya Bath Hai’, which will see Karan chatting up his celebrity friends in a more up, close and personal style. Sharing not a cup of coffee but a bar of new international ‘Sux’ soap. Baring his soul – and much much more – SRK was Karan’s first guest in the bathtub. JAM sneaks on the sets and gives you the 10 things they discussed on the show. 

1. The script of Karan Johar’s new film. Will there be 15 or 18 songs?

2. Who does Shahrukh find more cute – the plastic ducky or Karan Johar?

3. The new pink skirt that Rohit Bal gifted Karan Johar.

4. Will using Sux beauty soap make Shahrukh eligible for Best Actress awards next year?

5. How Shahrukh and Karan were caught gate-crashing the much hyped JAM bash.

6. Clinching evidence to prove that Aamir’s moustache was fake. 

7. How to create bubbles in the water. 

8.  The bilateral trade relationship between Zaire and Guatemala.

9.  Why AB declined to star in the Sux beauty soap ad… Was he too hairy?

10. Shahrukh’s first day with Smokers Anonymous. Cough, cough

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