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Kong Skull-Movie Review

This is the 12th and among the best in the King Kong series of movies, the first one made in 1933 and this latest one released 11th March 2017.   I felt that the 2005 Peter Jackson made version was the best with this 2017 version following as a close second.

Well the King Kong series  has been inspired from the 1928 novel by the same name written by Merian C.   Cooper and Edgar Wallace.

A group of movie makers go to a mysterious hidden island which is always surrounded on all sides by a storm and encounter an ape as tall and big as a building who rules over the island and does not take kindly to outsiders and visitors.

The ape is famously enamoured by the beauty  of the leading lady and kidnaps her. He is captured alive and taken to New York city where he escapes and goes on a rampage finally gets shot down dead by the US air force.

But no, that is not the script of the of this movie. You have to see this one this is a fresh story and except for the fact of Skull  Island and the giant Ape named King Kong there is nothing else similar to the old script. The technology the vfx the special effects the size of the everything is bigger and better. And the best part is there is a new story which lends this King Kong franchise a new lease of life rather than the old damsel in distress stuff being shown again and again.

What’s Good – Director  Jordan Vogt Roberts has taken the pain and the effort to write and display a new plot which saves us from seeing the same King Kong story for the 12th time.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson as the Colonel Packard plays his part like a pro and outshines every body else.

John C. Reily as a World War 2 veteran US  Air force pilot abandoned on the island plays his part very well.

Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and the rest of the cast manage to do a decent job.

The special effects the new foul hideous creatures that live on the island are bigger better and more vicious, for that matter the size of the Ape Kong is bigger than ever. It uses more fights, more guns, more power and importantly advanced film making technology.

What’s Bad –The story though newer and fresher is not necessarily better than the 2005 version was much better narrated much better portrayed and emotional. You could actually feel the pain and the distress of the heroine and the loneliness and injustice done to Kong.

Verdict –

The movie Kong Skull Island makes for a good watch once  for  the magnum opus and the grand scale it is shot on. It is a movie for the action and adventure lover.


My Ratings 3.5 of 5 stars.

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