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Short Story – Welcome to Kolkatta

So, finally I was waiting at the station for my train. I was sad as I couldn’t go to Delhi, but I was damn happy too, because I was leaving Bihar. Like other Biharis, I knew that career growth or any other personal improvement is impossible in Bihar. We lack good higher education and the attitude of the society isn’t encouraging. And I am moving to Kolkatta a metropolitan city, so it’s obviously, going to be helpful.

For time-pass, I was doing what every guy of this country does, NSP (nayan-sukhprapti). I was checking out some good looking girls and I spotted a beautiful girl standing in front of the book-stall. She was wearing a black kurti and skin-fit jeans, electrifying her white skin. Her body posture and specially her eyes, got me wondering if she is a Bong. I saw she was holding a novel which she was reading very carefully. And I thought I had one thing in common with her, that was reading novels. I saw my watch and found my train was arriving in 20 minutes, so maybe I could lure her in these 20 minutes (duniya ka sabse bada cheapo, par kya Karen karna padta hai!). So, without wasting a minute, I went to her side. I went ahead and stood right next to her, then I picked a book from the stall in my hand and….

“Hey”, i greeted her with a macho kind of smile.

“Hmm..Hey”. And she gave me reply. And a smile! And man..!!!! Her voice was damn sweet….

“Hmmm….nice novel!!! Must appreciate your choice!”, Though I had no idea which novel she was reading.

Then she again gave me a smile and looked towards my hand in which I was holding a book.


Then she started laughing like hell, which got me damn confused ….I mean…why the hell she is laughing like, have I said something very funny!?! And after that she walked off to her companions who were there on the platform, then she said something to them, which got them staring at me and they frantically began to laugh too. It was confusing me like hell, “Was I wearing a torn trouser?” I looked down, behind and then I looked at the book in my hand which read in big block letters, ‘ LOVE AND SEX – by Michael Cart ’.

And suddenly the book fell down from my hand. I picked up the book and put it back on the bookstall, and returned to where I was standing before. That was most embarrassing; I mean….na ladki rahi na izzat….isse bura aur kya ho sakta tha. It says, first impression is the last impression, and of which, maine watt laga di thi. Then I took an oath that not to ever pick up any book, without reading the name.

And finally the train came which relieved me from this awful situation. I knew I sucked big time, but I always loved from childhood to do the things which were in the ‘don’t do list’.

I searched and entered S-2, and after a lot of pushing and shoving, reached seat No. 43. I don’t understand that even after getting on the train, why are people always in hurry !?! Maybe even after having a reservation they think that someone will take their seat, or maybe they can’t differentiate between a sleeper and a general coach.

I lay down after placing all three of my bags under the berth. Packing things all day and touching people’s feet, had got me damn exhausted and my back was a bit sore (the old Hindu tradition of touching the elders’ feet always make me remind of our school P.T. teacher and his freaking exercises). Now I was hoping that whoever comes in my next berth should not be boring at-least. Although, whenever I used to travel on a train, I wished to have a sexy girl next to me on the berth. But after the awful experience at the platform, and still hoping for a sexy girl beside my berth would make me a total tharky. And anyways, I’d had enough for one day.

It says that when you desperately wish for something like ‘kash, ye ho..kash wo ho’ ..then probably you wont get it, but if you stop thinking about it that then it will definitely happen, and what happened next was beyond my expectations.


I was just resting my eyes closed and was wondering it’s just 10 minutes left for the train, so, should I make a dash and buy that book !?! All of a sudden, a girl’s voice fell into my ears and I opened my eyes and saw a ‘hot blonde desi girl’ standing with a pink colored suitcase in her hand. I sat up quickly. Dude…. Seeing her, “my parrots again started flying away”, and after all I am a guy, so it doesn’t matter whatever had happened earlier, I couldn’t stop surging. But I thought better to play safe this time… planning and perfection is a must in all situations and …specially if girls are involved in the situation. And this time, I don’t want to miss the chance that had fallen in my lap.

“Helloo..!!!! 43 !?!”

“Yup”. I gave her a positive response by nodding my head.

I got to know at-least one thing that she is stupid because instead of asking me, she could have checked the seat number on the top of the berth. Or maybe she was interested in talking to me !?!. Well, in both cases, the winner would be only me – a dumb girl and a girl interested in you, is going to be a cakewalk.

“Hey, it must be very heavy…let me help you out.”

Chivalrously, I took the luggage from her hand and put it under her berth. She gave me a smile of thanks. As soon as we sat on our respective seats, the train began to move.

Six hours had gone by and we had crossed the Bihar border, entering West Bengal. The coach was beginning to get dark and other passengers including the ones who were in the upper berths were sleeping like rock stars with their snoring guitars. Except both of us. She was just enjoying the scenery through the window, I mean….what she was enjoying..!?! The darkness!?! Even after so many hours I still hadn’t even started a conversation with her. Just how should I start? But then I thought something like this is not going to work. Well it was now or never.

“So…you are also going to Kolkata?” I asked throwing a lot of attitude.

“Hmmm”. She gave me a positive response by nodding and a smile, like she was waiting me to start something.

“That’s great…I’m also going to Kolkata. It’s my first time. Mmmmm… study thing and all..just moving there.”

And again the same…she looked at me and smiled again. I was wondering if she is dumb or what !?! Can’t she speak !?!

This time with a direct simple question to which she had to reply I asked; “So, whats your name?”

There was just silence for five seconds after I asked her name. But when she opened her mouth…….it was disaster for me.

“Amar naam te Shoma ache…kolkataye amar bari…tumar naam ki?”

Man..!!!! Sari mehnat bekar chali gai… She cames out as a hard core Bengali girl. And as I didn’t know the language, so….this thing ends up like crap. Then with my favourite playlist on my mp3 player plugged into my ears, pulled the blanket over me and went to sleep (listening some mild songs always work as a dream-catcher for me).

Mera to bad luck hi kharab tha. I was just thinking about whatever happened in the station and with that bongywongy. After back-to-back failures in a single day it was not a good sign for things to come in Kolkata.

Nevertheless, I was hoping for the best, and with that I told to myself …… ‘WELCOME TO KOLKATA’.

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