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Does yoga and meditation put you off to sleep? If yes then kick some butt with kickboxing. You would have learnt kickboxing as a hobby or for your personal fitness but now you can fight professionally and make it your career.

Kickboxing is a full contact (except for below the belt kicking) combat martial arts. It is basically a combination of kicking and punching.

According to Sachin Kanvinde who is a National Referee & Judge of Kickboxing Federation of India there are no specific special skills required to be a kickboxing fighter, only the will to learn, and ability to train rigidly skills important to become a fighter. As it is a contact sport, one should understand that if you are throwing two punches, be ready to take at least one punch or kick. So no one should take anything for granted, should have respect for others & most importantly to use this art only for sport & not for any wrong purpose.

Sachin Kanvinde has completed Level 1 KRAV MAGA (Israel Martial Arts) Instructor course from Unarmed Combat Commando Academy. He went on to pursue Kickboxing Advance training from Bangkok where he learnt complete kickboxing fighting techniques, how to train a new student for fighting, pre & post fighting diet & Thai Body Massage.

He has worked as a kickboxing trainer with many esteemed fitness organizations like Talwalkars, Gold’s Gym, Euphoria, Raymonds Club House etc. In addition to this he has also worked with International Fitness centre Dallah Gym, Doha in Qatar. After which he started his own kickboxing Training Firm Am’s Fitness where they cater to Professional & Fitness aspects of kickboxing.

How does one become a professional kick boxer? “Anyone who is interested to play contact sport can become a professional Kick boxer. The more early you start, the better it is as young body can adapt to techniques & hard work of Kickboxing faster as compared to older ones, but one can become a professional fighter at any age. So training starts with techniques, body conditioning, fight planning & strategy. Then there are lots of mock fights, and then lots of fighting videos of kickboxing fighters are also shown. It takes at least around 6 to 9 months for any fresh person to start the fighting career in the ring as per the age group,” he states.

Training can be started at the age of five as Competitive Kickboxing tournaments start from the age of 6 years.

There are three types of Kickboxing Tournaments held as per age groups:

Age group 6 to 10 years – Semi Contact
(Here points are given on the basis of proper punching & kicking techniques, no hard hitting allowed & fighters fight with complete protective gear.)

Age group 11 to 16 years – Light Contact
(Here points are given on the basis of proper punching & kicking techniques, light hitting is allowed & fighters fight with complete protective gear.)

Age group 16 & above – Full Contact
(Here full contact fights, only below the belt hitting is not allowed. Only if there is Low Kicks Full Contact fight, then Kicks are allowed on legs too. Points are given on the basis of proper punching & kicking techniques & fighters fight with complete protective gear.)

So as per the age group, anybody can participate in Local, District, State, National & International tournaments through proper Kickboxing Association/Federations.

What is the money like? “Money wise this, sports requires lots of sponsors & government encouraging as compared to cricket, football, hockey or other sports. There are some government’s organisation which offer jobs to National or International players, but not on a large scale. Fighters can make money by participating in professional fights like MMA, FFC where there are cash prizes offered. So in terms of money & career, it’s not so eye catching as career life is less & more prone to injuries & sometimes fatal too,” he asserts.

In context to career, one can become Trainer, Referee, and Judge of Federation. There is also good job opening in schools & colleges as Kickboxing Trainer, as many schools & colleges have started making Kickboxing as compulsory sports subject in their curriculum.

Also one can start his or her own fitness cum Kickboxing Gym/Studio. Today there is lot of scope for Aero Kickboxing, which is combination of Aerobics & Kickboxing practiced for Fitness, Weight management etc.

There are lots of local Kickboxing institutes, Gyms/Studio who conduct Professional & Fitness Kickboxing classes, but most important aspect to be seen for every participant who wish to enroll for Kickboxing is to see that particular institute or Gym/Studio should be Affiliated to District Federation or Association of Kickboxing, which in link to State Association & Affiliated to National level Federation.

– Babita Balan

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