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Keeping up with those Resolutions: Learn a new Language

A few months ago , I abruptly decided that i will start learning a new language, Italian . Not to impress people, not to make my CV look better , but because I wanted a new challenge in my life. So if you too are looking for a ÔÇ£kickÔÇØ in your life, this is just the thing for you.

Learning a new language will broaden your horizon of opportunities and will make you more sharp and learned.┬á People who know more languages tend to have higher IQÔÇÖs than those who donÔÇÖt. ┬áBut Learning a new language is not just a way to improve your CV and hone your skills, it is also a really fun and exciting activity. So here is how you too can begin to learn any new language of your choice without the help of any instructor and without going to classes:

  1. Where are you, mio amico? : Find a friend

Before you begin, find a friend who is as crazy as you are and will willingly and happily take on this endeavor of learning a new language with you. When me and my best friend , who is equally excited about Italy and Italian ( All thanks to Mr .Dan Brown !! ) started to learn Italian, we had an epic time discussing all the new words and made pathetic attempts at trying to imitate their accents and that made the whole journey fun and memorable. Also when you have someone to discuss the words and grammar with, memorizing becomes easier. (if you can keep a secret,  we started with all the bad words!)









2. Little investment: Buy a book/guide

The Teach yourself book series is superb for learning any new language. The whole content is properly organised and backed by amazing example conversations that teach you how to begin speaking that particular language. Packages like this one will help you through the entire journey and are very important. Spending money on books like this is an investment you should not hesitate to make. You can also download their app or babbel┬á. Duolingo is another such app that can help you learn a new language, and the best part, it’s totally free!










3. Sei bello, Signorina :Start Speaking

It may sound weird to you because ┬áyou have just bought the book and you hardly know a few words. So it is normal for you to hesitate in using these words in day to day life. But get rid of that hesitation and start speaking . Even if you only know words like ÔÇ£helloÔÇØ, ÔÇØgood morningÔÇØ ,ÔÇØgood nightÔÇØ in your respective language, donÔÇÖt worry, simply replace their English counterparts with these words in day to day conversations and keep replacing .Learning words of a new language s just like learning new English words. One cannot learn new words without using them in day to day life conversations.











4. Fun time: Watch Movies

When you have spent enough time with your book/guide, say 2-3 months, start downloading movies and songs of that particular language(with English subtitles) and listen carefully while you watch the movie. Pay attention to the accent and pronunciation of actors. You will learn a lot this way. Watching movies will be entertaining as well as will improve your lexicon of that language . So letÔÇÖs put that torrent to work!











5. Ponderous Job: Reading

Once you are acclimated to most of the words , you are ready to buy some books of that language and begin reading them. You will be slow at first,  but soon you will catch up and you will realize that your vocab and fluency has increased drastically. Try reading out loud as it will improve your accent too.











6. DonÔÇÖt kill me for this: More Reading

Try reading stuff from internet in the new language and try making sense of it. You can also start by reading newspapers and journals of that language.











7.┬áGrab Your passport and buy an extra ticket for me! : LetÔÇÖs Go

Once you are done with this, all that is left is to Grab your passport and pay a visit to that country and put your knowledge to test. Just kidding. Though, you can try and communicate with people who know that language online via fb ,for example .But what is more important  is to stay in touch with the language. So keep reading and watching movies in the newly learnt language and keep learning.











A very Happy New Year to all the readers or should I say Buon Anno amici !!

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