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Keeping the spark alive in a long-distance relationship

Finding that special someone and falling deeply and madly in love with them is a truly warm and fuzzy feeling we all love to experience. And just when everything seems so surreal and blissful, distance plays a dampener in oneÔÇÖs relationship. The idea of thinking about a long-distance relationship requires some solid commitment, trust and love for each other. With distance clearly being the mean third wheel here, keeping that fuzzy feeling alive in a long-distance relationship may seem like a daunting task but itÔÇÖs definitely not impossible. Here are few tips to keep that spark alive in a long-distance relationship.

1. Valuing the Relationship


When in a committed relationship one should never deny in showing you partner how much you really value your relationship. Especially when in a long-distance relationship make sure to check in with each other. Saying those three little magical words ÔÇ£I love youÔÇØ or a simple ÔÇ£I am thinking of youÔÇØ is a great way of showing how much you truly love and care. Sometimes getting a little affection is all one needs at the end of a tiring or stressful day.

2. Make time for virtual dates


Technology definitely plays a key role in keeping the romance alive in a long-distance relationship. Make the most of social media sites like Skype or Facetime and take time out for some really fun virtual dates. Seeing your special someone and catching up with them online is the next best thing apart from texting or a phone call.

3. Love letters

love letter

In this fast paced world of messaging or video chat, the nostalgia and sentiments attached to getting a hand-written letter from your special someone still has its charm. Love letters are a great way of showing how much you love and appreciate your partner. Out of the blue sending a hand-written love letter would be pleasant surprise sure to bring a smile on your partnerÔÇÖs face. If you are someone who isn’t the expressive kind, maybe writing down your feelings is the way to show how much you really care.

4. Surprise Element


Boredom can be a spoilsport in any relationship. When in a long-distance relationship one has to make that extra effort to woo you partner. Surprising your partner by sending over simple gifts like flowers, chocolates, a collage of your memorable snaps or a video recording will definitely keep it lively. If possible there is nothing better than visiting your partner and enjoying each otherÔÇÖs company.

5. Being Patient


In a long-distance relationship patience is definitely a virtue. Maintaining a loving relationship takes its time and being patient is the glue that keeps it together. You are in it because you really believe in the relationship so there is no point in fretting over being hit by the distance curve-ball. Trying to be patient will definitely make things easy and more fun in the long run.



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