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Keep going!

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

We’ve all been there!
Those moments when pain and agony take their turns on us, mysteriously.
Those moments of hurt, confusion and being lost; moments when you feel amid the darkness, refusing to face the light.
You’ll often fall back to that place when you’re unable to trust yourself. You’ll find yourself hiding in, trying to protect yourself from the falling,and In these moments of darkness, you feel like you’ve failed yourself; A perfect fiasco.
We’re afraid because we tremble, and not the other way around.
We lose the day we stop trying. We fail when we give in to the fear.
In those moments of darkness and despair, we forget to remind ourselves that all it takes is to get through another day.
A promise to force oneself to smile. TO keep going. TO keep trying.
All it takes is a little bit of courage to wake up in the morning and realizing how blessed you are.
All it takes is a little bit of confusion to have thousands come to your rescue.
All it takes is to be a little lost, before you’re found.
All it takes is a little bit of self belief to know that you’re worth it.
All it takes is to face every fear of yours, cause soon you’ll find that you don’t have to do it alone.
All you have to do is say no to whatever your superego doesn’t approve of, all you have to do is believe in yourself.
All you have to do is know your worth and never settle for anything less then what you deserve.
All you need is a twinkle in those eyes, a pocketful of hope and the appreciate the strength inside you. You’re a survivor, a fighter, don’t ever stop the fight. Win this war and feel the ecstasy, defeat the dark.
After all, all it takes is a little bit of darkness to make us find our way to the light;
And it goes without saying, there’s a light that never goes out.
All you have to do is keep on going. Look around you, life is pretty awesome. Smile and breeze your way through it. Love your people a little more, hold no grudges,  have no regrets, shine your light, listen to good music, work a little harder, give it your all, don’t let fear hold you back and lastly, don’t forget to live in the meanwhile.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every wall is a door.”

keep going!

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