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Kalpana-Film Fanatics Paradise

The short film screening event, Kalpana, by Friend of Cinema turned to be quite a treat for film lovers, Prachi Parekh reports.

Friends of Cinema held their first event, Kalpana at the little theatre NCPA, wherein a lot of short films were screened on 15th May, 2010.

A diverse audience attended the event which showcased virtually unknown filmmakers. It was a gratifying experience for the filmmakers to see their work being appreciated by the assorted audience.

The genres ranged from comedy to drama to serious intriguing content. Kalpana (the film), which was an international entry, made its presence felt with its quality editing and cinematography. The other films which stood out were ‘Little Sivaji’, ‘I saw Desufnoc’ and ‘Shake a Lil’. ‘Rose for Emily’ and ‘Sharpner and the kid’ were also well received.

In the words of Vishal Kharat, maker of ‘I Saw Desufnoc’, “I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many people could actually connect to the movie and understand the underlying theme.” He also said it was rare that people actually deciphered desufnoc to be confused spelt backwards. “There were quite a few here. I enjoyed the experience,” he added.

“It was very entertaining, I hope they accommodate more films next time and get in more local movies. At a time when Bollywood is getting repetitive and playing safe, short films are a nice way to explore the unexpected,” said Pavitra Tupurani, a student from G.N Khalsa College.

The event, which was powered by FX school (Andheri) and Bank Of Maharashtra, was free for all. The main aim of Friends of Cinema was to get maximum audience for the films. With the fresh talent in India and their creative concepts, it won’t be that difficult. Thumbs up to FOC for providing our budding filmmakers a platform to showcase their work!

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